“Gorgeous, sun-struck acoustic soul” – Globe & Mail

“Prepare to be surprised” – Vancouver Province

JOHN 20:20 ~ 2020

“And really, you HAVE to hear this. You can literally imagine Lennon writing these songs during COVID-19.” – Roots Music Canada

ME DAZA ~ 2019 

“This latest album might be Jamieson’s finest moment. Jamieson’s voice is a crystal clear instrument that can cover an immense range with superb phrasing.” Vancouver Province

“Brilliance. This recording really does feel like a special piece of work, and maybe the best thing Reid has done in his career so far.” Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio

“In the singer-songwriter department of sound, Vancouver’s Reid Jamieson more than satisfies on the beautiful, soothing album Me Daza.” – Canadian Music Blog

“Jamieson has one of those rich, resonant voices, with a high-end range that never ceases to astonish. Then there’s the artistic voice of the songs, co-written with his life and musical partner Carolyn Victoria Mill. Those include thoughtful meditations on human self-doubt (“Enough”),  and encroaching middle age (“Evergreen”), and portraits of the dogged resilience of spirit required to best meet those challenges (“Better Man”). There are conscious views of the way humanity continues to re-visit the same problems (“Circles”), and how we so often fall in line, especially on social media (“Dominoes”). And there’s a gentle but moving pro-choice song (“She”).The album sounds plush and cinematic, centred around Jamieson’s nylon-string acoustic guitar. This is an album made by adults, for adults, that stands up to it.” SOCAN Words & Music Magazine

DEAR LEONARD: The Cohen Collection (2016)

There are many tributes to Leonard Cohen that have been recorded over the years. Some have drawn on various artists while others have been by specific artists. Among my favorites are Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer WarnesBird on the Wire by Perla Batalla and Judy Collins Sings Leonard Cohen: Democracy Judy Collins Sings Leonard Cohen: Democracy by Judy Collins. To that list add Dear Leonard: The Cohen Collection by Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Reid Jamieson.

In this seemingly too-brief, 33-minute set, Reid offers sublime versions of seven Cohen classics and the title song, his own tribute – written with his wife, Carolyn Victoria Mill – to the master songwriter and poet. The arrangements – mostly just Reid’s vocals and guitar and Anne Lindsay’s always-exquisite violin – serve to focus attention on Cohen’s sublime lyrics and melodies. And while each of the Cohen songs is so very familiar these interpretations make them sound new again.

Among the highlights here are haunting versions of “Dance Me to the End of Love,” so beautifully enhanced by Anne’s violin, “Tower of Song,” Cohen’s homage to the art of great songwriting, and a version of “Suzanne,” THE great Montreal song which features a lovely lead vocal by Carolyn.

The CD cover, by the way, is a homage to the cover of The Best of Leonard Cohen, Cohen’s first compilation LP released in 1975.

Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches

MORE press for Reid Jamieson

“After Reid appeared on the Vinyl Cafe we received tremendous feedback from our audience. He stole the show…He blew me away.” Stuart McLean – CBC Vinyl Café

“I don’t know how I missed it, but somewhere between the release of his debut CD, ‘Staring Contest’ and what could be mistaken for a simple holiday album ‘Songs For A Winter’s Night,’ Reid Jamieson has become the greatest Canadian pop singer ever….. He’s become a favourite in the Canadian heartland. But, a record as good as ‘Staring Contest’ shouldn’t be held back by radio frequencies, regional borders or time zones. Its simple songs are endearing and unforgettable and should expand his audience to a size that reflects his undeniable talent. – NoDepression

“4 to Watch  – a work of elegant, understated beauty that juggles elements of plaintive folk, rock and countrified pop while enveloping the listener in the atmospheric glow of his soulful vocals. The result is an intelligent, wonderfully humane record, much of it culled from personal tragedy.” – Paste Magazine 

“I’ve heard Reid a number of times and have yet to hear a bad song or bad performance. I cannot say that about too many performers.” – Mike Hill, Artistic Director, Mariposa Folk Festival

“Their overall approach and the recordings I’ve heard literally scream authenticity and devotion to what suits their rich voices so well….Magical, and modern, albeit with a retro country feel that evokes other musical couples – Johnny & June, or Tammy & George.”Calgary Herald.

“Jamieson’s songs are unabashedly crisp (take that, Bonnie Prince!), drenched in wistful piano/guitar melodies, and centered on his satin whisper.” –

“Achingly beautiful songs…. a haunting quality not soon forgotten” – Globe & Mail

“A great great talent: a great voice, a great player, a great person. We love his playful and thoughtful lyrics. We love his smooth voice. We love his light touch on the guitar. We love his original tunes and his approach to covers.” – Vinyl Cafe Producer Jess Milton.

“Happy to follow you, Reid. You’re one of the best singers in the country.” @ThatEricAlper

“The diversity on offer raises the bar” ~ FolkRadioUK

“Highly recommended” ~ R2 Magazine UK

“Absolutely gorgeous” – Maverick (UK)  ‘Toronto boy kicks Josh Rouse’s ass crooning indie-soul-country classics all of his own making…your life will be better with this music in it.’– Americana UK

‘More than just another promising upstart… rootsy, mellow and honey-sweet.’ –

‘Arresting… dazzling voice’ – Toronto Sun

‘In a few short bars Reid stole the show’ – Now Magazine

‘Lovers of classic quality should acquire without hesitation.’ – Comes With A Smile – UK (blog)

‘Irresistible…’– Eye Magazine

“The diversity on offer raises the bar….lovingly crafted, very memorable. Take the plunge and purchase it – these are songs that stay with you and that you’ll want to keep” FolkRadioUK

“There are 12 tracks on Juniper’s Kitchen. None outstay their welcome. I’ve been worrying about how to end this review without resorting to the clichéd ‘If there were any justice..’ – Eye level with the Stylus UK Blog

“The harmonies can be counter-intuitive, she often takes the low harmony and he take the high. There isn’t anyone else that quite sounds like this. Lyrically there is an edge of melancholy; theirs is a great and authentic love, existing with a sense of talent not yet fully appreciated, dreams still to be realized.”– BC Musician Magazine

“The magic of his new collection is in the very different cover versions chosen, certainly not the usual set. It’s his treatments that draw you in. Recorded at his home studio, the album has a warm, personal feel, with Jamieson’s calming, emotive vocals shining. The best, and bravest recasting is found on Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas. We’ve heard it a thousand times, but not like this, stripped of the bombastic gang approach, made mellow, so that we can focus on the lyric, which actually has the power of a strong protest song. Songs For A Winter’s Night accomplishes the three important goals for a grand Christmas album. Everybody will like hearing it in your home, you’ll like listening to it when you’re alone, and you’ll want to pull it back out next year. ” Bob Mersereau (author) –

“My Green Thumb” would have had 1960s-era McCartney nodding in admiration. He’s well worth catching. B+ – Vancouver Province

“Absolutely gorgeous” – Maverick (UK) “A solo, handcrafted effort, with the honey-sweet crooner…(and the) ladies swooned” Brad Wheeler / Globe & Mail

‘Beautifully done…a truly authentic voice.’ – Molly Johnson

“Ultimately more enjoyable for it’s simplicity… a tribute in the original sense of the word” Veg News (US)

‘Jamieson’s songs are unabashedly crisp (take that, Bonnie Prince!), drenched in wistful piano/guitar melodies, and centered on his satin whisper.’ –

‘Well-constructed pop treasures that rival Glenn Tilbrook’s compositional prowess and the emotionally potent presentation of Jeff Buckley… gorgeous, unbridled voice beams thoughtful lyrics over a vintage country-inspired band.’

‘Toronto boy kicks Josh Rouse’s ass crooning indie-soul-country classics all of his own making…your life will be better with this music in it.’– Americana UK

‘More than just another promising upstart…rootsy, mellow and honey-sweet.’ – Toronto Life

“The Unavoidable Truth showcases a talented and tender young artist with seemingly limitless potential and a total package that screams mainstream accessibility without losing credibility. Take that, John Mayer.” – Glorious Noise Chicago IL

‘An intelligent, eclectic-pop tunesmith with a rich voice in the tradition of Neil Finn or Glenn Tilbrook, but his short, sharp songs are more guileless, emotionally honest and vulnerable.’ – Eye Magazine

‘I can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist, and predict big things to come’ – Roots Music Report, Texas

‘Look out for this cat. He’s a break away from launch.’ –, Nashville ‘Excellent! There are so many good songs, the production really supports them. Reid is certainly an artist who should get a good shot…’-Earl Rosen 2003 ( Marquis Classics, Socan)

‘A thing of beauty… Irresistible! – Eye Magazine November 2003 Holiday Record Buying Guide -‘Arresting…a simple acoustic backdrop for his dazzling voice…’ Mary Dickie, Toronto Sun 

“Featuring spare and beautiful guitar accompanying his gently melodic voice, which flows smoothly, wrapping itself around picturesque lyrics describing people and relationships in a straightforward. Far from being a monotonous acoustic folk record where each track sounds like the one before, Jamieson stretches his limbs in the genre, moving from gentle ballads to quick guitar-picking and country-influenced sounds. “Imaginary Lifestyle” is one of the best. Now I just want to hear him all plugged in. –  CHARTATTACK

“If dinner music is on your long list of things to do, why not discover a new Canadian musician like I have. Reid Jamieson, a Toronto born singer/musician from Vancouver, has recently released a new album, Songs For A Winter’s Night. It is a collection of beautiful songs that will add a touch of Canadian winter to any holiday gathering. My favorite is the title track – Reid Jamieson has re-recorded a Gordon Lightfoot classic and has done it right. Mr. Lightfoot should be proud of this beautiful rendition.” – librarybrainblog

‘Utterly charming on stage, Jamieson kept a packed room in pin-drop silence… He caressed the notes with his honey-sweet croon, held a space for us all with the clarity of his vision, intent and purpose, and melted hearts throughout the set.’ – Umbrella Music NXNE

‘No matter where you stood … it was like he was singing directly for you. The George Clooney of the music scene, dripping in boyish charm. Remember this one . ‘ (score 95!) -Chart Attack – NXNE 

‘The adorable frontman of now folded local outfit ALVY is one of the most underrated talents in town. …his earnest take on natural woman, blew the roof off the house…’ – Now Magazine 

“Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Reid Jamieson is one of our favorite Canadian artists here on Cover Lay Down, both because of his constant coverage, and because of the gentle, lighthearted approach the 2012 Lennon Award Winner brings to all of his performances. Previously, we’ve featured his interpretations of everything from Elvis and Hank Williams to the Sesame Street theme song, from the sounds of 1969 to his smooth, suave version of the Canadian National Anthem; his most recent web-based single release, a take on Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On recorded in honor of the 3D rerelease of major mass-market film The Titanic, is truly transformative, proving that even Dion’s particularly treacly pop can be reworked as a viable folk song in the hands of a true master.” – CoverLayDown