ENOUGH by Reid Jamieson
written by Reid Jamieson (music) & Carolyn Victoria Mill (lyrics)
(on self esteem and the distorting funhouse mirrors that surround us every day)

From the album ME DAZA (Originals) | Independent
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“Brilliance” Folk Roots Radio

“This latest album might be Jamieson’s finest moment. Jamieson’s voice is a crystal clear instrument that can cover an immense range with superb phrasing.” Vancouver Province

Small inside
As you wander through your day
How hard you try, to justify
Not take up too much space

Are you good enough
Worth a little love?
Are you enough?

Kneel and bow
You just give yourself away
And swallow down
The tiny sounds
Of what you had to say

Are you smart enough
Worth a little love?
Are you enough?

You learned early on that
You were somehow flawed
The reason that he went away
If anything went wrong
You made the blame your own
And paid….

Burdened by
The weight of past mistakes
You paint the lie
With masks you buy
That make up for a fake

Facing shame
You quickly turn away
Reflections in
The window’s pane
Haves nothing kind to say

Do you rate enough?
Rate a little love?
Are you enough?

I don’t know who told you
You were never born to
Be the one that anyone needs
Just the way you are has
Always been enough
For me

You deserve
So much more
Than you take
To stand up proud
And sing out loud
Believe me when i say

That you’re good enough
Worthy of all my love
Yes you’re enough…..