As artists we often get asked to donate our time and talents to various charities. We are delighted to do so if schedules, resources and values align. Below are a few of our favourite charities, ones we hope you will give to as well.


The most under-served, and disproportionately targeted segment of society may very likely be indigenous women and girls. Words escape us when facing the truth of this inequity, as well as the resilience they face it with. Many will become mothers and need a better start than the Residential Schools that broke their family system. Otherwise the horrific cycle will continue. This is an ongoing crime we must do our best to remedy. Now. For a brighter future for all, we start here.

How to be an ALLY


The magic of food bank math means that for every dollar you donate, they have three dollars worth of spending power. You can also just donate non perishable items, but please keep this in mind. CVM grew up poor with a single mom and siblings on the east coast. Many of not most meals were supplemented by the local food bank. The quality of food is often less than a growing child or immune compromised person would thrive on. People living with poverty often don’t feel they can be particular about the food they receive. Being allergic to dairy this made for some very uncomfortable moments. Those that are vegetarian or religious face even more challenges. Consider a cash gift as one of the most effective ways to give.


For 30 years, Aunt Leah’s Place has been helping kids in foster care and young mothers achieve a better future by providing guidance, supported housing, job training and coaching on essential life skills. When foster kids “age out” of government care at 19, they find themselves completely alone. Aunt Leah’s Place often provides the only thread of care and continuity for youth whose lives are marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment and multiple foster home placements. Over the years, we have seen how support at this critical time can help these young people realize their potential while becoming resilient, independent adults.



Likely the single biggest challenge facing our population is housing insecurity. Shletr is one of our basic needs and more and more folks are unable to afford a safe place to live. We are currently working on a lo-fi folk opera about pigeons (!) and the causes of homelessness. Inspired by the workds of Buffy Sainte Marie and Dr. Gabor Mate. A work in progress, The Pigeon and The Dove aims to raise awareness and funds to aid in this crisis. This will take some time, but you can help us by supporting via Patreon or Paypal.


Voter Apathy is the enemy. Most problems we face as a society would be better tackled if we had a government elected to, and committed to, fixing them. You may only have one vote, but the alternative is to let others decide for you. Don’t feel strongly enough about any issues to vote? Then please vote on the behalf of those vulnerable who will be most affected by government policies. Children, women, people of colour, seniors, and our one and only environment. It means everything.