Hey Big Kid

HEY BIG KID – An Ode to
Vinyl Cafe’s Stuart McLean
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HEY BIG KID – An Ode To Stuart McLean, Vinyl CaféThought y’all might want to join the rest of Canada in celebrating the return of Vinyl Café this summer! The late great Stuart Mclean will back on CBC Radio this summer for a 10-week season, starting June 30th. Each episode will air Wednesday evenings at 11pm and Sunday mornings at 11am.  We celebrate Stuart and all that he meant to Canada with this ode to its cherished storyteller. Stuart also took great pride in was introducing the rest of Canada to independent musicians. From the Good Lovelies to Danny Michel, many found a new, more appreciative audience. Vancouver’s Reid Jamieson played a somewhat unique role as part of the official Vinyl Café Orchestra (with badge to prove it) and was brought on to feature in special episodes such as The Train Show (recorded onboard VIA Rail’s The Canadian) and ‘Stuart as a Boy’ (with tales of his growing up in Montreal). Always a challenging gig, as not only did Stuart continue to write and edit the stories up to the last minute, he also changed his mind about which songs should accompany the stories…keeping Reido very much on his toes! Reid also created the original artwork for the posthumous CD box set ‘Unreleased Stories’…which reminds us, they have a new book coming out this fall ‘The Vinyl Café Celebrates’. And couldn’t we all use something to celebrate this year? 😊

It’s just a wee tiny song (under 2 minutes!), so please consider giving it a wee spin…

HEY BIG KID – An Ode To Stuart McLean, Vinyl Café

By Reid Jamieson  – Independent – (1:45)
Written by Reid Jamieson and Carolyn Victoria Mill
Performed by Reid Jamieson
Available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/hey-big-kid-single/id634473614

WATCH: https://youtu.be/vmi2NqdjdcI <<< Slideshow of Stuart as ‘Cottage Man’

DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3?Video/Images) https://app.box.com/s/e5e9rz0xg6lqm52v73ztvp1254a446dr

BONUS: IN MY LIFE (live in Montreal with Vinyl Café, John Sheard on piano) https://youtu.be/Pzk1ACXdGTk


I remember the first time I heard you
On the radio
I started driving slow
Through tears of laughter and sympathy
You made the scenery
seem more real to me
How could I have known?
That one day we would share this road
Makin words and music together
Bring it to the people
through all kinds of weather

Hey big kid,
caught you playin’ with your words again
You let them spill across this country
And you made yourself a million friends
Hey big kid,
all your travels will they never end?
So if you’re lookin’ for a jukebox you can call your own
All ya have to do is tune me in!
And hey big kid,
you just made yourself another friend
Hey big kid, we caught you playin’ with your words again
Hey big kid, I hope this story never ever ends…

Stuart will be missed by all that were touched by his kindness, charisma and curiosity.

Sending big love to the whole Vinyl Café and CBC family.