Lullabys for GG

A collection of lullabys recorded especially for our beloved ladybabe Gayle McKool. Happy birthday GG, this record would not exist without YOU. There are some very special moments here that we never even dreamed of coming into being – thank you for the inspiration and loving support. Little Maxine is the luckiest squab in the world to have you for her GG, and so are we. And hey, if this doesnt put the little crapper to bed before its done playing, try bourbon. xo

*please note that this is a special ladybabe only version, and will be remixed, renamed and repackaged for official release on mothers day 2022. share with friends and family by all means, just keep it on the down low k?


CREDITS: Recorded and performed with deep affection by Reid Jamieson. Produced by Carolyn Victoria Mill. Dedicated to Gayle (Ladybabe/GG) McKool.


GG’s Lullaby
Brahms Lullaby adapted by Gayle McKool

Catch A Falling Star
written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss

Hush Little Baby

New Day Comin’ Round (Pappy’s Lullaby)
written by Gilbert Harvey Jamieson in 1976. Reido’s dad used to sing this to him, and we had no idea that he wrote it. Amazingly Pappy remembered all the words and the melody!

Little Pink Pony
Based on a traditional of various names, adapted by Brenda Bridge Jamieson. Reid’s mom used to sing this wee refrain to him and is one of the few things he has left of her besides his good looks.

Moon River
written by Henry Mancini

I Guess I’ve Come To Live Here In Your Eyes
written by Willie Nelson from the 1980 Honeysuckle Rose soundtrack, and later on Spirit. A huge influence on Reido, Willie was always there for him when he was missing his mom.

My Curly Headed Baby
Written by George H. Clutsam in 1897, it was made precious to Merrill Bevan by Paul Robeson, and we recorded a different version for his bday.

written by Cliff Eberhardt (1990 The Long Road), but brought to our attention by the magnificent Buffy Sainte-Marie (Coincidence and Likely Stories 1992). She says it is her favourite song and we can see why.

Foundlings Lullaby
written by Reid Jamieson. Originally recorded as the instrumental ‘Lullaby for the Lost’ on our record Me Daza, we intend to write new lyrcis for the official release, to express just how precious those children who do not share our blood can be. This version is new, but still awaits words. wish us luck.