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MAMA’S DAY – Spotify | Buy Mp3
An ode to moms everywhere, on Mother’s Day, or any day. Reid lost his mom to ovarian cancer back when he was only 14, and she was only 35., leaving a heart-shaped hole in his soul where the sunshine should have been. But also a deep appreciation for all that mother’s do, and a sadness that he never got to tell her. This upbeat joyous tribute to moms everywhere is just what she deserves. A good reminder that every day is MAMA’S DAY. Written by Reid Jamieson and Carolyn Victoria Mill. Info Lyrics

SUPER HERO GIRL Celebrating women’s voices on the world stage. Spotify | Buy Mp3 | Info Lyrics
This Motown inspired anthem is dedicated to Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton and all the complicated women and girls getting busy turning history into Herstory. Stay strong. You belong. Sing your song. Credits: Written and produced by Reid Jamieson and Carolyn Victoria Mill. All vocals and instruments by Reid Jamieson, except horns by the Juno Award-winning saxophonist Tom Keenlyside (Natalie Cole, Harry Connick Jr., and Diana Krall).

TAKE ON ME A daring cover of A-ha’s 80s masterpiece Spotify | Buy Mp3 | Info Lyrics
Just couldn’t resist the vocal challenge set by Morten on this 80s hit by A-ha. Those Norwegians are vocal aliens! It was really interesting to finally find out what he was actually saying too. ‘I’ll be gone… in a day or twoooooo’. I did not know that. Hope you like. As heard on the Hallmark Channel’s The Story Of Us.

GIFT OF LIFE Promoting organ and blood donation. Spotify | Buy Mp3 | Info Lyrics
Sign your organ donor card. Give blood. Live life, pass it on. Check out the animated video for this cinematic tune promoting organ donor awareness. Written by Reid Jamieson and Carolyn Victoria Mill.

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