Special Requests

Do you have a special person, event or moment you want to honour with a song? Music speaks where words fail. Few things move us more. Reid would like to make your moment unforgettable.

Make a donation, and then pick a song you would like Reido to record and it could be yours.
Would you like a video shout out for a special occassion? includes a live song of your choosing $300 for a tune already in our catalog, $500 for one that is not.
1k for a proper, radio ready studio recording that will become part of musical history
More for a custom original song – please contact us with your ideas.

You could be most instrumental in keeping the music alive and thriving while inspiring a unique recording! This gift lasts FOREVER and is easily shared.

Just email us with your thoughts and lets see what can happen.

No record sales, no live gigs and no security of any kind mean that in order to keep making music, we need your support. More ways to support here: https://reidjamieson.com/fanifesto/

Our beloved island luthier turned 80 and deserved a proper ode.
A song we were commissioned to write for the Walrus Magazine’s 15th anniversary gala event in Toronto. No easy thing to wrok WALRUS into a tune!