Summer Boy

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SUMMER BOY written by Buffy Sainte-Marie (from her 1967 release Fire & Fleet & Candlelight), is the first single from Reid Jamieson’s upcoming tribute to Buffy Sainte-Marie. Originally a love song when Buffy sang it, here we find Reid looking back at his younger self with all the longing of summers end. Huge vocals with dark instrumentation fit for a Bond theme, and a fine example of BSM’s incredible catalog.

Naturally, Reid cannot sing her many potent indigenous protest songs. He can, however, sing her praises as a singer songwriter. Many are familiar with the activist and icon, but if you are anything like us, you may not be as familiar with the diverse body of music this living legend has released over the last half century. Such creativity with song structures and adventurous melodies, Reid says he has never felt so inspired to create and be intentional with his art. Lending his voice to amplify hers in hopes of reaching new audiences on both sides, this may very well be the first tribute album of its kind.

A new documentary about BSM ‘Carry It On‘ based on Andrea Warner’s fantastic authorized biography (we read it twice!) just premiered at TIFF, don’t miss it this fall!

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CREDITS: All vocals and instruments by Reid Jamieson. Recorded at home by Reid. Produced by Carolyn Victoria Mill. Mastered by Michael Holland.


Face of joy,
covering all your fears
Summer boy
give me your tears
Hands of gold
playing a prayer
Heart and soul,
praying a song

Clowns can smile,
and gardeners grow their flowers
Summer boy,
give me your hours
Give me your glance
like the wing of a dove
Summer boy,
give me your love

Suns can set
and willows can weep their tears
Summer boy,
give me your years
Give me your hand,
before autumn starts
Summer boy
give me your heart

Be sure to join the mailing list to find out when the full album comes out!

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