The Juniper Sessions

Juniper Sessions EPS #1 The first in a series we are calling THE JUNIPER SESSIONS. These will be three tunes at a time, live in one take, from wherever we are. Mostly home but in this case we were in Metchosin BC on Vancouver Island…hiding out at Juniper’s Nest. Huge thanks to our pals Gaynell and Lisa for giving us a quiet slice of their paradise while they are trapped in Texas. Too noisy in our wee one bedroom on a laneway in downtown Vancouver…this perch by the sea was a much appreciated escape to somewhere we could get excited about creating again. Admittedly we were well into our cups and faint from heat stroke when we did this…CVM in a caftan, Reido in a hammock…its a wonder we made it through! We are posting on Patreon before sharing publicly, cuz y’all deserve good things. Let us know your fave… with any luck the summer fun continues so stay tuned for more. xo

BLUE by Lucinda Williams
BLUE by The Jayhawks