The Noise In My Chest

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This eight song collection of dreamy acoustic serenades is just a prelude for more to come. Featuring Reid alone on guitar, the single Starting To Learn is a perfect example of how powerful this young man’s vocal and song writing abilities really are. Raw and dynamic, each track is an honest expression of this fine artists musical journey. While Reid’s influences range from Neil Finn to Willie Nelson to Aretha Franklin, the beautiful sounds on this EP are completely his own.

  1. The Television Lies
  2. Imaginary Lifestyle
  3. The Invitation Stands
  4. Almost August *
  5. Shooting Stars *
  6. Starting To Learn
  7. Sweet Words *
  8. The Noise In My Chest


All Songs Reid Jamieson Socan 2003 . Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Carlos Gouveia. Except * Produced & Mixed by Reid & Steve . Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals – Reid. Piano – Michael Johnston. Bass – Steve Barber. Executive producer, Management, Photos, Design by Carolyn V. Mill


The Television Lies

There’s a way you can see the world and never leave your house. There’s a channel for everyone, the dog, the cat, the mouse. Who wander around in a daze it’s no surprise. The television lies. Late at night you can walk the streets and count the windows blue. Antiseptic is advertised and bought by me and you. Just try to ignore every packaged up good bye. The calendar is full of itself. Just try to respond to the actress’ deep sigh. The television lies

Imaginary Lifestyle
I got lost before you did; i lost the will to make this heart succeed at all the games we’ve played till now. Where is the rule book i hear you plead. Could we entertain the thought that trying harder just won’t do. Anything to help us out of this imaginary lifestyle. It’s either blame, neglect or fear that caused the honesty inside to spoil. Where did it start, how can it stop? Before this loves not worth the toil. Speak your mind does this make sense? I know you’ve had these thoughts run through. The scattered mind sits awkwardly in this imaginary lifestyle. Where does your heart feel safe? Like mine it shies away. Let’s wear it on our sleeves, and never worry where it takes us. Could it be the end at last, at least the start of unknown life to come? I’m not lost, it feels so strange, to have a conscious i’m not running from. I dearly hope you’re doing well, I think about you every day almost. I hope your memory is fond and warm of our imaginary lifestyle.

The Invitation Stands
Make a list of songs that you don’t want to hear again. I’ll make a mixed tape and send it off to sea. Would I be shocked to learn that you included the tune the night we found ourselves dancing happily. And you know misery loves company, so the invitation stands, and I hold onto hope with tired hands. It’s later in the day, when the sun has said goodbye. It’s either peaceful or pieces everywhere. Is it wrong to count on someone else’s smile? The numbers add up I can’t afford denial. Chorus. Climb aboard with me, the cost is free, I have no other plans. And I hold onto hope with…

Almost August
Though I barely know you I would like to. Though it’s most uncertain where life is going. And it seems contagious this spring is coming feeling. It’s all that I can feel about. Let’s trade stories and make this golden silence better than before. No more awkwardly or misdirected feelings to ignore. Just time to explore. Well it’s almost August, and it’s so much better, than it was last August. Never mind the weather, that surrounds us always, even if we’re hiding. I don’t want to hide anymore. When it was pouring out, I thought i might jump in the street to dance. And I thought of you as the rain fell on my head filled with romance. So would you like to dance? I hope you’d like to dance. Though I barely know you, I would like to.

Shooting Stars
It’s hard to know which way to turn when you’re blinded by the dark. And your feet are barely touching the ground. There’s no footprints or sparks, lighting up the way back home. Shooting stars have let you down, when there’s none to be found. The temperature inside of your room is affecting how you think. And the weight of all the stars that are born, are they causing you to sink? You may have to learn how to swim, with gentle waves it’s best to begin. And you have to lose to win. No one should know this better then you. Find out the reasons for this mood. Why is it wrong to take your time, when time is barely here? It sits within the reaching of, or the bending of an ear. Do I appreciate enough the freedom close at hand? Do I ignore the greatest love, or stop it where it stands. But the shooting stars are back

Starting To Learn
Tell me, how to understand it. Feelings that come to stay sometimes inside. The places I never seem to know enough about. But I’m starting to learn somehow. Fail me, it wouldn’t be the first time. Promises turned into maybe nots. But the knowledge that maybe it’s not under my control. And I’m starting to learn somehow. Anything stings my heart, in wintertime, or anytime. Pardon my shameless words. They speak what seems to be true
Now how could it be true? Where is the proof? It’s under our control. It’s under our… Tell me how you felt before I let my heart bleed onto your path again. Cause I’ve been waiting, what seems forever, time and I have fought. But I’m starting to learn somehow…

Sweet Words
This tireless address has reached its climax again. Steps I needed to take, unheeded advice from your sweet words, that filled the room again. Where is patience? It seems too good to be true. Like stories of my youth, too old to live through again. It’s crowding me in, the pressure it builds. Till I explode from holding it in, this passion always gets its way. It’s true this life is trouble sometimes, but you will never hear me say, I give up. Raise your standards, when painful hazards appear. Erase those habits, the clocks religion runs near. It’s crowding you in, the pressure it builds. Till you explode from holding it in, your passion always gets its way. It’s true this life is trouble sometimes but I should never hear you say, I give up. It’s crowding me in. This tireless address may never climax again. And steps I needed to take, unheeded advice from your sweet words.

The Noise In My Chest
Years pass and you look back, what is it you’ve learned? How your soul is dependent on the friends that you’ve made. Let them all surround you, support you and give. True meaning to stand on, all the ways that you live. You never know what lies around the corner, are you safe, are you sound? It’s hard to find a heart that understands. Listen close can you hear it, the noise in my chest. I can’t control the volume, though I gave it my best. If you have understanding of what it all means. Share and teach me the language that I’ve heard in my dreams. That come at night then disappear. Into the day, giving into the fear. It’s hard to find a heart that understands the way you feel. Are you longing like me for a clear way to see?Is there somewhere we can rest, these heavy hearts, may I suggest? We open up…

Thanks to: Carlos, Michael, Steve, CVM, Josh, Dave, Andy, Lewis, Paul, Daddy-o, Molly Johnson, Rob Moore, Keiko Ota, Earl, The Rivoli & Maple Music

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