West Coast Tourcation

Reid Jamieson Band - Winter 2019
Reid Jamieson + Carolyn Mill = Reid Jamieson Band

This October (or as we like to call it – Reidober!) we are heading down the coast to focus on some songwriting. Well, more than just songwriting, we are working on our new folk opera The Pigeon and The Dove‘. This is a very special project for us, and something we want to get just right, so focus is key. To be released later next year, this multimedia performance/recording will be to raise funds and awareness about the causes and prevention of homelessness. Something we hope everyone will consider as we head into election season. We will be voting by special ballot as we will be out of the country, and strongly believe in advance polls. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in many peoples lives. Canada needs you.

We are playing a handful of house concerts (WA/CA) on this trip, and if you want to get your heart broken while also laughing inappropriately you can RSVP if there is any room left. Just one public ticketed show in Bellingham Fri Nov 1. Such a sweet venue, every seat a winner. Please tell yer friends in Washington and the Bay Area that we are coming their way. 

Only a wee smattering of shows coming up for the rest of this year, mostly focusing on this Pigeon project of ours, making videos, and surviving life’s ups and downs. Hoping to make more time to spend with the humans we care about too.   

We would like to release ME DAZA in the UK / Ireland next May 2020. It just makes sense to bring this record back to where it was created. Can any of you folks help with connections? Gigs or media. We would be forever grateful as it takes a village for sure. 

On that topic, this whole newsletter thing is a conundrum. We all get too many emails, and we hate adding to your load. That said, this is the only way we can reach you affordably. Facebook, instagram etc now charge us to make our posts seen.  We are fully independent, so you won’t really hear about us otherwise. We try to limit newsletters to once a season, or once a month at most. We are trying different services, and so far do not dig any of them really. But they do give you the opportunity to unsub if you need to, or to hang in there and support the independent music that Reid makes. We really can’t and wouldn’t do this without your interest and support. So thanks, eh?

Reido’s bday is coming up Oct 20, and hey, if you want to get him something special, please consider VOTING, and sharing what you love. Maybe a Reido tune even.  And hey, did we mention that Reid had to go on strike at his day job today? Still taking that in. Gah. 

Sending lots of love, to every single one of you.