Find Your Heart A Home

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. This song tells the story of our big move west from Ontario to BC back in 2005. Written by Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill. Performed by Reid Jamieson (all vox and instruments). Produced and mixed by Michael Holland. (as heard on Vinyl Cafe)


An old friend, who pulled up stakes
Said a change could be like medicine
For failing spirits chasing time.

So we mapped out, the road to take,
Our belongings fell under the knife,
not all survived, A life defined.

Family and friends
were shocked to learn,
Of the exit coming,
the engine humming.
A conviction strong enough,
To quit our kingdom,
and build on new land.

Looked inside, looked all around,
Looked under the bed,
and thrilled to find,
We felt the same, our feelings rhymed.

That harmony,
oh, it stayed the course,
When doubt had tried to change our minds, and make us stay,Leave change behind.

The day of departure came and went,
Tears were waiting,
through celebrating.

So cold and feeling spent,
We packed our troubles,
paid all of our rent.

We want to lose ourselves,
so we can really find ourselves
You can’t rely on someone else,
To show you that
you’re not alone, oh no,
Just find your heart a home.

There’s no award, or journeys end,
No sacred sign or finish line.
There’s only three postcards to send,
two calls to make,
and you’ve got the time.

We had to lose ourselves
So we could really find ourselves.
You can’t rely on somewhere else,
No matter what you tell yourself,
It’s really who you share it with
You’ll always know
where you belong, oh oh
When you find your heart a home,

Find your heart a home,
Find your heart a home,
Find your heart a home…