Pappy’s Lullaby

Looking for a Father’s Day tune? Do we have something very special for you!

NEW DAY COMIN’ ROUND aka Pappy’s Lullaby
written by Gilbert Harvey Jamieson aka Gil, aka Reido’s Pappy!

We wanted to send this one out special, as Pappy achieved 75 this May 11th, 2023.

I remember visiting Reid’s dad one time about 20 years ago when we had just gotten together…. Pappy played a song for us on his nylon stringed guitar, sitting on the other side of me on the couch in Reid’s childhood home. It was a tender lullaby he used to sing to Reido when he was just a wee one. When Reid and I were making our lullaby record Trouble Sleeping (a commission from a dear fan in Seattle), we chose an eclectic collection of songs that meant something to us, from a variety of unusual suspects for a lullaby record. I asked his dad about that song – where had he pinched it from? Imagine our surprise when pappy told us that he actually wrote the song just for Reido back in 1976! An instant classic in the style of Willie Nelson. And the only song he has ever written…so far.

On Trouble Sleeping we rejigged the lyrics for ‘Pappy’s Lullaby’ to suit our new nieces (subbing cowgirl instead)…

And just in time for Father’s Day we decided to release a single with the original lyrics for our little cowboy. It’s called ‘New Day Comin Round’ (Pappy’s Lullaby). – CVM

Say goodnight your eyes are droopy
And your head is hanging down
Say goodnight our little cowboy
A new day is comin’ round

May your dreams be filled with good things
Lots of toys and things to eat
If tomorrow brings us sunshine
You can play in your bare feet

You played so hard you even wore
the knees out of your pants
You learned to count to ten and that's not bad
Your mommy might have yelled but she's not mad

So go to sleep we love you dearly
Cause you filled our day with fun
Go to sleep our little cowboy, A new day is comin’ round
Go to sleep our little cowboy, A new day is comin’ round

TROUBLE SLEEPING – Reid Jamieson If you are anything like us, then you have had some Trouble Sleeping lately. Maybe all your days even. Whether you are a wee baby, a hormonal woman, an anxious human fretting about your choices, or just overwhelmed with world events…you might need a little help with finding dreamland. Canada’s eclectic choirboy Reid Jamieson has a new collection of all ages lullabies that might be just the natural sleep aid you seek. Nylon string guitar. ukulele and Reid’s signature croon made to melt hearts. With tender tunes by Willie Nelson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Yoko Ono, Cliff Eberheart, a couple of old chestnuts, a new original lover’s lullaby, and an instant classic written by Reido’s own pappy back in 1976. Guaranteed to put you to sleep – or your money back! (and yes, that’s Reido’s grumpy lil face on the ful record, and Pappy’s on the single)