This March 14, 2021 our beloved island luthier turns 80 years young, and we just couldn’t let this milestone go by without a little fanfare….

Rufus Stewart has been building and repairing guitars for over five decades now. He has been looking after instruments for professional musicians such as Valdy, Jesse Winchester and Reid Jamieson for as long as some folks have been in the business. Back in the day Rufus also toured as a guitar or audio tech for numerous acts such as Supertramp and The Tragically Hip. Now located in Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, over the years Rufus has started shops in Halifax-Nova Scotia, Kingston-Ontario, and Montreal-Quebec. And yes, the  shop in Vancouver is named after him. An authorized Martin repair guy for many decades, folks should consider bringing their precious vintage guitars to him for a tune up while they still can as he has yet to find a replacement.

Sharing a birthday with Einstein and Quincy Jones, Rufus was born March 14, 1941 in Buckinghamshire, England, and came to Canada as a child. His mother was French-Canadian and he considers himself an Acadian, East Coaster, West Coaster, and road warrior always in search of new vistas and communities. About as humble as a man can be, Rufus has never been one to seek center stage. Always learning, he is as comfortable tinkering with boats and trucks as he is with stringed instruments. Known to enthusiastically lend a hand to anyone who needs the help, he has been doing an annual ‘repair tour’ to see to the needs of remote communities as far east as PEI. Tho the tours are on hold for now, Rufus continues to work at his craft, and currently lives happily with his weaver wife Charlotte in Parksville BC.  Rufus’ Island Guitar Shop

Vancouver’s Reid Jamieson has broken a year long pandemic induced songwriting paralysis – and he has Rufus to thank. It’s not the first time this hardworking luthier has had an impact on this particular artist’s musical life. When Reid and his songwriting partner and wife Carolyn (who incidentally shares a bday with Rufus) first moved to BC back in 2005, they connected with Rufus immediately as the best person to tend to Reid’s jumbo Taylor steel string. However, that big beautiful guitar soon found its way to Craigslist. It was after trying a cheap well worn second-hand nylon string guitar in Rufus’ shop (back when it was in Cook St. Village) Reid’s musical output was changed forever. Something about what happens to an instrument after this luthier has made his adjustments left it feeling like a long lost friend. Transformed now into a nylon string player, Reid adapted to a whole new way of playing and has since toured North America, with the likes of Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Café, and the little beaten up guitar that could. Written by Reid and Carolyn the week before Rufus’ 80th, ‘The Ballad of Luthier Rufus Stewart’ is a tip of the hat to someone who has touched many and isn’t done yet. Our elders bring wisdom and knowledge, and sometimes much needed inspiration. Happy birthday Rufus  – long may you run!


Written by Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill



Rufus Stewart and Reid Jamieson – click for high rez
 Written by Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill
 Here’s your story,
 in all its glory, tho
 you’ve never been one
 for center stage
 Bombs in your backyard
 Losses taken hard
 Gone forever,
 turn the page
 Found a broken wing
 Set it right, made it sing
 Claimed a calling
 and a wage
 From Montreal
 to the Maritimes 
 where mermaids call
 You rise, you fall
 in Kingston and its music halls
 To Vancouver isle
 from the Valley to Victoria
 In every song
 there is a note for us that
 must ring true
 You made a life out of
 keeping all of us
 in tune
 Part of every song 
 that we create 
 well it was made by you
 Tinker, sailor
 Martin, Taylor 
 boat or bow 
 the wood will bend
 Songwriter's savior
 Cracked neck, failure
 Fret not my friend
 for bridges mend
 At your bench nightly
 with strings wound tightly
 is new again 
 From Montreal
 to the Maritimes 
 where mermaids call
 You rise, you fall
 in Kingston and its music halls
 To Vancouver isle
 from the Valley to Victoria
 In every song
 there is a note for us that
 must ring true
 You made a life out of
 keeping all of us
 in tune
 Part of every song 
 that we create 
 well it was made by you
 Found your weaver wife
 Her web a happy life
 And still the sea and highway call
 From Montreal
 to the Maritimes 
 where mermaids call
 You rise, you fall
 in Kingston and its music halls
 To Vancouver isle
 from the Valley to Victoria
 In every song
 there is a note for us that
 must ring true
 And you made a life out of
 keeping all of us
 in tune
 A part of every song 
 that we create 
 well it was made by you
 Here’s your story,
 in all its glory, tho
 you’ve never been one
 for center stage...

We filmed this video with Bruno on a chilly day in November in Stanley Park…tiny crew of 2…using a VHS camera to capture and pay tribute to the classic home movie videos of John and Yoko back in the day. Took some courage to release this…no fancy sets or costumes, no big budget or stylist, just a day in the life…and some very REAL LOVE. Please let us know what you make of it. thanks, eh? xocvm+reido

REAL LOVE Written by John Lennon. Performed by Reid Jamieson. From the album JOHN 20:20 more at​ Filmed (on VHS) and directed by Bruno Martin del Campo​ . Filmed in Stanley Park Vancouver BC. Supported and made possible by the fine folks at Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia

Juniper’s first live stream concert!!

Reid Jamieson Lovestream
Sunday February 14, 2021
5pm PST / 8PM EST

Admission by donation. Pay before or after, nobody turned away for lack of funds.

We are celebrating 19 years together this Valentines and want to share our anniversary with YOU! Singing the bitter and the sweet, this will be our first ever livestream concert – so don’t miss it!


At Last
Timing Is Everything *
Only You
Waltz Across Texas
Drive *
When Doves Cry
Honeysuckle Rose
Brilliant Disguise
I Dont Care If The Sun Dont Shine
Summer School Of Blue *
Just The Two Of Us
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems
Real Love
Unchained Melody
This Much I Know *
Until Its Time For You To Go
Fall *
Harvest Moon
Slow Motion Kiss *
Enough *
My Green Thumb *
Dance Me To The End Of Love
The Book Of LoveEvergreen *
In Dreams

TRICK OR TREAT! new video for DOMINOES – on fake news, mental health, and the sleepwalking sickness that is social media at it’s worst. Follow the money, don’t take the bait. Written by Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill (filmed and directed by CVM) more at

Vancouver’s Reid Jamieson returns with his most daring record to date! ME DAZA Recorded in Schull, Co. Cork Ireland with producer Kieran Kennedy (Maria Doyle Kennedy), the new all original record is titled ‘Me Daza’ which is Cork slang for ‘most excellent’, – tho the direct translation is ‘I’m dying’ – but aren’t we all?

DOMINOES This is the story Hear how it goes We get to worry Dogs on a bone Be in a hurry Be all alone Fall on each other like dominoes This is the story Hear how it goes We judge each other Fish in a bowl Follow the leader Go with the flow Fall on each other like dominoes We fall like dominoes Just doin’ what we’re told We’re sellin’ what we’re sold We fall like dominoes This is the story Hear how it goes We hurt each other And no one knows Birds of a feather Thorn on a rose Fall on each other like dominoes We fall like dominoes Just doin’ what we’re told We’re sellin’ what we’re sold We fall like dominoes We fall like dominoes Just doin’ what we’re told We’re sellin’ what we’re sold We fall like dominoes

CREDITS Recorded and Produced by Kieran Kennedy in Schull, Co. Cork Ireland. All songs written by Reid Jamieson and Carolyn Victoria Mill, except ‘Don’t Go Down’ by Fergus O’Farrell and Glen Hansard. Mixed at home in Vancouver, BC Canada by Reido. Artwork by CVM. Vocals by Reido. BG vocals and Gin-infused glockenspiel by CVM. Improv piano parts by Vincent ‘The Chancer’ Collins. All other instruments / sounds by KK and Reido. Mastered by Elisa Pangsaeng at CPS.

ISOLATION is the first single and video from the new record JOHN 20:20. Due out Oct 20, 2020 (Reido’s bday)
want to hear it sooner? Become a patron or make a donation and we will send you a link to listen/download. reidjamiesonband (at) gmail (dot) com for e-transfers.

This is not a greatest hits – this is a prophetic love letter from the past. From one of the world’s best known artists, by one of Canada’s most underrated singer songwriters. A uniquely tender tribute to honour what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday (Oct 9), and the 40th anniversary of his murder (Dec 8) – as if 2020 wasn’t hard enough to take. This project began as a prescription from Reid’s wife and creative partner, to help him stave off intense depression as his career hopes were crushed by a global pandemic. Reid found solace in the hauntingly relevant words of one of his greatest influences – not just in music – but in his commitment to love. Maybe you will too. Stripped naked with only nylon string guitar, uke,  harmonica and heartbreakingly pure vocals, it includes 7 solo John Lennon songs, 1 Beatles, and one eulogy by Elton John. Amore Solum Opus Est.


Nothing like a pandemic to help us realize just how much we need each other. I can tell you that Reid and I never would have thought that his day job as a unionized hotel server and his career in the ever crumbling music industry would be considered eggs in the same basket – but here we are. Hard not to fret with both careers very much out of commission…
Speaking of ! Back in May, a real keeper of a fan and husband; Neil Guernsey commissioned us to record this old Tin Pan Alley tune to celebrate his sweet Marie on her bday. Since this was our first Covid Commission we doubled down and filmed them a super sweet video to match! Living next door to Vancouver’s Stanley Park provided the perfect backdrop, where we find Reido frolicking in the floral wonder. Oh boy did we need this project to lift our spirits. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.  

Video:  –Can you believe we filmed this on our phone!?!
MP3 (available on Spotify Sept 21)

This recording and video simply would not exist without folks like Neil and Marie. They brought the song to life, and that’s pretty danged amazing. At a time when artists can’t really sell muisc or even play live anymore, we need an army of Patrons of the Arts more than ever. Maybe you would like to help create something magical for someone special while supporting Reido?

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CREDITS (lyrics below)

Honeysuckle Rose – Performed by Reid Jamieson.
Written by Andy Razaf / Thomas Waller
Commissioned by Neil Guernsey for our sweet Lemon Marie, May 2020.
Video filmed and directed by Carolyn Victoria Mill.



Every honey bee is filled with jealousy
When they see you out with me
I don’t blame them goodness knows,
Honeysuckle rose

When you’re passin’ the flowers droop and sigh
And I know the reason why
You’re much sweeter heaven knows,
Honeysuckle rose

Don’t buy sugar, You just touch my cup
You’re my sugar, So sweet when you stir it up

When I’m taking sips from your tasty lips,
The honey fairly drips
You’re confection goodness knows,
Honeysuckle rose


I Don’t buy sugar, You just touch my cup
You’re my sugar, It’s so sweet when you stir it up

When I’m taking sips from your tasty lips
The honey fairly drips
You are perfection goodness knows,
Honeysuckle rose

Written by Andy Razaf / Thomas Waller
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Peermusic Publishing, BMG Rights Management

Juniper Sessions EPS #1 The first in a series we are calling THE JUNIPER SESSIONS. These will be three tunes at a time, live in one take, from wherever we are. Mostly home but in this case we were in Metchosin BC on Vancouver Island…hiding out at Juniper’s Nest. Huge thanks to our pals Gaynell and Lisa for giving us a quiet slice of their paradise while they are trapped in Texas. Too noisy in our wee one bedroom on a laneway in downtown Vancouver…this perch by the sea was a much appreciated escape to somewhere we could get excited about creating again. Admittedly we were well into our cups and faint from heat stroke when we did this…CVM in a caftan, Reido in a hammock…its a wonder we made it through! We are posting on Patreon before sharing publicly, cuz y’all deserve good things. Let us know your fave… with any luck the summer fun continues so stay tuned for more. xo

BLUE by Lucinda Williams
BLUE by The Jayhawks


There is good news, and there is bad news…

The Bad News…

Making music is no longer sustainable. And there is little we as artists can do about it. Here is the hard truth as we see it. In 2020 computers and cars are shipping without a CD player. iTunes has closed shop. Downloading music (paid for or otherwise) is no longer in vogue as most folks are enjoying the convenience of streaming services like Spotify that they can access from anywhere on any device. We stream too, so we get it. Sadly these streaming servies pay so poorly that our revenues barely cover our own subscription. Terrestrial radio is mostly inaccessible to indie artists, and on the way out, while satellite radio pays less, if anything.

Due to a lack of recorded music income all artists are encouraged to get out on the road and play more shows to make up for it. This has created a glut of artists on the market and venues are overwhelmed with requests to play. At the same time many venues are closing due to rising rents. Booking a tour with or without a booking agent has become increasingly difficult. Not to mention that touring is an unhealthy and often unsafe way to make a living, and unsuited to most women and many an introverted recording artist . And then came COVID-19 and the end of live music for the forseeable future. It will take years for cancelled shows to be resheduled, meanwhile 90% of small venues will close.

What about Live Streaming? Everybody’s doing it! and some really well (go Jill Barber! Danny Michel!) but after waiting a year until we had our tech up to speed…we found it to feel a lot like virtual panhandling, and hard to get inspired without the all important audience ya know?

On the licensing in film and TV front, music supervisors are inundated with artists looking to find a place for their music, and so can offer lower fees – if we could reach them in the first place. It’s very much a who you know biz, and we don’t know them (introduce us!). Slightly more accessible Sync brokers require half of our licensing fees in exchange for being a conduit to the music supes (not the traditional agent fee of 15-20%). And now there is a move by the streaming services like Netflix and Discovery to buy out the composers work and deny them any residual royalties moving forward -which they must accept if they want to work.

It is more challenging than ever to get press. Quality music journalists can no longer find work as papers go online and turn into glorified advertising mechanisms. Making music is no longer sustainable. And there is little we as artists can do about it, despite being represented by multiple organizations committed to supporting and protecting us. The industry has failed artists.

A move towards more conservative governments mean that grants and other funding for the arts is shrinking in most cases. That said, we are incredibly fortunate to live here in Canada where our music orgs like CreativeBC are stepping in and stepping up their support.

The Good News….

You can step up your support too. Despite all this grimness, it might still be worthwhile making music…if only we can be heard. It is heartbreaking to make your very best music only to have it heard by very few people. We are keen to continue making the very best music we can (it is what we do). But how to get folks to press play? YOU can help.
Your choices matter.  As listeners, fans, supporters, you have never been more important to an artist’s ability to be heard and to continue making music. Please consider our Fanifesto below. Tag your posts and playlists with #fanifesto to keep the actionable goodwill movement going.

Still a work in progress, but if yer keen to support us you can become a patron of Reido on Patreon, or make a one time donation or e-transfers to reidjamiesonband (at) gmail (dot) com. Y’all are keeping us alive, body and soul.  With extreme gratitude… xocvm+reido

#FANIFESTOHow to be a super supporter in the streaming age.

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Looking for HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS music for your playlist? Something kinda nondenominational that won’t make you want to put a pencil in yer ear? Something you can play before AND after the big day? Take a holiday from the usual well worn fare with unique interpretations of Band Aid, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Nick Lowe, Willie Nelson, Steve Miller Band, Tori Amos (!) and more, plus three festive new originals. Please check out the track listing for SONGS FOR A WINTER’S NIGHT below – yer sure to find a new favourite 😊

Perhaps something for the more traditional…Xmas classics recorded live in the studio, from Maria to Otis, proper oldschool hoho. LIVE FOR THE HOLIDAYS

Woohoo! After slaving over a hot grant application all summer, we could not be more pleased to announce that we scored an Amplify BC Career Development grant! This will enable us to create some delicious new videos (something we are sorely lacking) and promote our new record Me Daza (they match funds we spend up to 10k). Patrons of the arts (bless their hearts) are few and far between these days, so we can’t tell you how fortunate we feel to be supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia. Things could get very exciting indeed!

It’s been quite a fall season for us…so much happened our heads are still spinning…and we still smell like a campfire.

We were chosen to take part in VIFF AMP Talent Accelerator program at the Vancouver Film Festival in October. This program connects musicians and composers with music supervisors and film makers to help us license our music, something we are super keen to do more of. One of the highlights was a master class where we got to watch an episode of Start Trek Discovery get scored, live on stage, with an orchestra and everything. Cliff Martinez and his team were amazing to watch at work.

Our west coast fall tourcation kicked off with finally getting to see Buffy Sainte Marie in concert – solo (our fave!) At 78 years fabulous, she kicked buffalo-sized butt, and remains one of our biggest inspirations. Especially as we were just setting out to work on writing The Pigeon and The Dove, our new folk opera about preventing homelessness.

Shows in Washington were a delight as always, that state has been so kind to us, no wonder we keep returning. Some time on the Oregon Coast focusing on writing and visiting with tender peeps. Bay area shows and Reido’s bday in San Francisco was everything you could ask for, including getting caught in what they call a ‘Love Vortex” that really set him up for a fully heart-centered year.

Feeling super fortunate to have outrun the forest fires in Northern California, driving through power outages on our way to camping was an experience let me tell you. Camped at Salt Pointe Park and Avenue of the Giants in California, and Sunset Bay Beach in Oregon where we enjoyed our first yurt! Not as many tubbies when one is in a tent, but the ones we did enjoy were EPIC. (you can check out some highlights on our Instagram account @reidjamiesonmusic

The people we meet continue to be the best part of touring. Love the connections we make, and so appreciate the community that support the music and these bodies as we sing our hearts out for y’all. Our road families are everything to us. Words fail to express how danged lucky we feel to know you.

Couple of rare Vancouver shows coming up (seems like we never play at home) and then Vancouver Island before the year is done. Hope to see you there, and always open to invites to play your holiday functions, house concerts, etc…and keen to be invited to your shows too. Keep us in the loop k?  


And now the good work begins.

If you know any (preferably lady) filmmakers who might be keen on our music, please do send them our way.

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Thank you for taking the time to consider all this.

Feed us back when you get a chance, we want to know what is making your world turn.

Much aloha,

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